Growing Our Region

Business Growth Advisors deliver across the region

​If you have a great business idea, but you are not sure where to start. Or you are looking to grow your existing business, the Central Economic Development Agency’s (CEDA) team of Business Growth Advisors can help. 
CEDA are the Regional Business Partner for the Manawatū-Whanganui region, and receive funding from Callaghan Innovation, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, and Business Mentors New Zealand to support the growth of businesses throughout the region.

​The programme employs four Business Growth Advisors with three based at CEDA in Palmerston North, and a fourth at Whanganui & Partners in Whanganui. 


Jodie Woods, owner of Tonic & Cloth
Each Advisor covers particular areas of the region right from Ruapehu in the north, through to Horowhenua in the south and across to Tararua. They also work with Business Mentors New Zealand, a voluntary service which connects people with mentors across the region too.

The Business Growth Advisors can provide you with the information, support and advice to get your business idea off the ground. They can help with establishing your foundations and framework and creating your business strategy.

If your business is already established, the Advisors can help you to identify the challenges, needs and opportunities within your business. Then, they will point you in the right direction of what tools, connections, training or development will suit you best.

Feilding-based fashion designer Jodie Woods contacted CEDA’s Business Growth Advisors when her clothing start-up, Tonic & Cloth was asked to show their collection at NZ Fashion Week in September 2018. One of CEDA’s Business Growth Advisors guided her through the next steps to make the most of the opportunity and really scale-up her business.

Thanks to their advice, in preparation for NZ Fashion Week, Woods grew her production runs and collaborations with local designers. She is also no longer daunted by the fact her five-year business plan sped up on her and its right here, right now.

In partnership with Callaghan Innovation, there are also opportunities for businesses of all sizes to provide a range of innovation, and research and development services.

The Business Growth Advisors can also connect business owners with experienced mentors, thanks to a partnership with Business Mentors New Zealand. Mentors can provide one on one guidance to help you grow and to solve specific business challenges.

There are a wide range of success stories available on CEDA’s website, covering businesses from across the Manawatū-Whanganui region. If they resonate with you, and you are looking to grow your business today, visit to find out more.